This is by no means a comprehensive list as we offer many, many more services. If you have a question on any of the below services or a question regarding a service not listed here, feel free to contact us at 720-600-7555, or send us an email from our "contact us" page HERE.


-Dog spay less than 25 pounds: $75
-Dog spay 25-50 pounds: $100
-Dog spay 51-100 pounds: $150
-Dog spay greater than 100 pounds: $200
-Dog neuter less than 20 pounds: $60
-Dog neuter 20-50 pounds: $80
-Dog neuter greater than 50 lbs: $100

-Cat spay: $50
-Cat neuter: $35

-Cryptorchid: $10-$75 additional per testicle
-Pyometra surgery: spay price plus an additional $150-$300 for IV catheter, IV fluids, hospitalization, and appropriate medications
-C-Section: price of spay plus $300-$600

Take 25% off the services below if your pet is spayed or neutered!

If you would like your pet spayed or neutered, let us know!


No exam required for vaccinations
-Rabies: $24
-DHPP (canine distemper/parvo): $24
-Leptosporosis: $29
-Bordatella: $24
-Feline Panleukopenia / calicivirus with feline leukemia: $39

Dental Cleaning

-Cleaning (xray, anesthesia, iv catheter, fluids, scaling, and polishing ): $400-$800 - cost varies depending on number and complexity of tooth extractions
-Digital dental x-ray only: $87


-General Office Visit: $55*
-Re-check within one month: $30*

*Saturday visits: $10 additional appointment fee

Blood Tests

-Heartworm: $35
-Feline Leukemia/FIV: $50
-Screening/abbreviated: $85
-Comprehensive: $115
-Thyroid: $53

Sorry, no checks accepted

Laser Therapy

-Evaluation/first session: $60
-Follow-up session: $25


-Parvo: $200-300*, depending on weight and treatments needed. *Outpatient only. No hospitalization offered.

-Heartworm: $400-$800: dependent upon weight and number of injections needed.

Other surgeries

-Perineal Urethrostomy surgery: $500-$600

-Cystotomy surgery: $400-600 depending on weight and number of stones

-Abdominal explore/foreign body removal: $600-$1200, depending on severity and weight

-ACL repair- extracapsular: $600-$1200, depending on weight

-Ear Hematoma: $300-$600- depends on type of repair and weight

-Forelimb Amputation: $450-$900, depending on weight

-Hindlimb Amputation: $400-$800

-Cherry Eye Repair: $300

-Enucleation: $350-$550

Other Services

-Microchipping: $40
-Anal gland expression: $25 with technician appointment*. $10 if performed with doctor’s exam or surgery.
-Nail trim: $25 with technician appointment*. $12 if performed with doctor’s exam or surgery.
*technician appointments are free-of-charge